We will be on two rivers for this safari, the Lunga and the Kafue. The trip shall take us a long way on the rivers and it is an incredible, unique adventure, one not experienced by the masses. This package is a combination of accommodated and camping.

The Kafue is the second largest Park in Africa and the 6th largest in the world. The Park, in the North East area where we operate, boasts beauitfully clean water mostly due to the giant natural filter of the Lukanga swamps which is upstream from the park. There is no river in sub saharan africa that you can safely reach that will provide you with a larger range of species, as well as an abundance of wildlife on its banks. You will be able to enjoy fishing with real exclusivity here and when times are quiet you can take in the surroundings. The banks are bursting with wildlife, the waterberry trees lean over the water and you can see their vast root structures, which hold the ancient banks together. Due to those trees and the majority of mud banks, we dont see this river changing course in the same way we do the Zambezi and Luangwa each year.  

These river systems host 68 species of fish. Guests have been known to target and catch 14 species in just 3 days! 

Target species: 

variety of bream - humpback, purple face, red bellied, three spot, thin faced

Kafue pike

yellow fish


and many more 

Available from March to end of June

Due to the depth of the experience we decided to run this itinerary for a week, If you have a partner who is not into fishing, they can still enjoy the incredible experience with you and take advantage of being hosted by one of our guides. Our guides are all experts in their fields. Should you be into botany, birding, or mammals, we will try and send you with someone who is focused on your main area of interest. They are all very passionate and knowledgable about fishing, particularly on the Lunga and Kafue rivers.