The bat migration is one of the finest spectacles that Africa has to offer. Witnessing 10 million straw coloured fruit bats in action is something that is never to be forgotten!

Over the years, we have taken many people into Kasanka NP for this event. After popular requests, we have decided to take a different approach to this wildlife spectacle. Instead of running individual trips, we have secured one of the exclusive campsites for our private use. Between 20th October 2020 and 20th November 2020, we will have our guide and chef stationed with our camping equipment, you may book yourselves your clients into our private campsite as though it was a permanent camp. We are offering a very affordable rate for those who want to experience the migration, as well as discounted return transfers which will make it an easy add to any safari itinerary, We can also arrange charter flights for those who would rather not travel by road. 


Kabwe campsite is well situated and its completely private. There is a bucket shower and a flushing toilet, The campsite boasts a beautiful view over the dambo adjacent to it. 


What would a day look like? 

Morning starts are early, around 03.30. You will be woken up to some toast, coffee and tea and then head out to one of the viewing spots. Usually by 08.00 you will be back in camp for a cooked breakfast and a rest, after lunch you can go for a game drive around the park then head to a viewing spot for the evening bat experience. 

The following morning will be the same start time. After the breakfast and rest, you will embark on a drive to the beautiful Luwombwa River. There is an optional canoe trip down the river, or you can take a gentle stroll around the camp. Lunch will be served either at Luombwa Camp or on one of the nearby Plains in the shade of a tree. Then late afternoon you will be back at one of the viewing spots to see the bats leaving their roost. 

At only $280 per person, per night

          Inclusive of Park fees, accommodation, food, basic drinks (you may pre order premium drinks), activities and staff



$900 each way, per private vehicle for up to 4 people. 

What isn’t included?

There are some viewing spots that require payment, like the BBC Hide or the Japanese Hide. For these spots, you will have to pay extra money, which we can arrange for you at Wasa Lodge.