This Safari is a mixture of camping and accommodated destinations. It is possible to have it booked as entirely one or the other, please do enquire if this is of interest to you. The South Luangwa has pulled through the ranks over the years and it is now regarded as one of Africa's top parks. The North Luangwa, whilst sharing the same biome and atmosphere of S.Luangwa, is a very different experience. You wont see other tourists there, just those who are staying within your concession. Big herds of Buffalo roam plenty and Lions follow them. The Elephants are large in size than their cousins in the South, it is a very rustic bush experience and the area specializes in walking safaris. After North Luangwa, we shall head to Kapishya where you can enjoy the Shiwa Ngandu estate, it is a beautiful place and historically, very interesting. After Shiwa we shall head South to Mutinondo wilderness. Mutinondo is a great walking destination, one of the few spots in the country that you can embark on an unguided walk. Birding is fantastic and the scenery is very dramatic. After here we will work our way out to the swamp lands of Bangwuelu in search for the legendary Shoebill. Following that we will spend a couple nights in Kasanka, sink into the Miombo woodlands and hunt with our cameras for the special antelope species one can find in the park, birding is also very good there.