This mobile is a very immersive Kafue experience. For those who don’t enjoy the crowds and would enjoy the feeling of exploring one of Africa's largest and wildest Parks, the Kafue Classic is for you! 

Due to staying in one park, the driving distances are some what more relaxed. You shall enter the Park from the North East and Leave through the Southern most tip, in a reliable, private vehicle to take you to the destinations along the way.  The park boasts nearly 500 species of bird, the widest antelope range of any park in Zambia and some of our neighboring countries, good cat populations and plenty of big game. The flora is very diverse, you will be rummaging through many different biomes on your adventure, whilst enjoying the comfort of the parks finest establishments.


People say that the Kafue isn’t for First Timers, we strongly disagree, this Park has a lot to offer and it cant be beaten on its beauty and exclusivety.


If this package is too expensive, we have other tailor made options for  the Kafue which will suit your budget, please do get in touch so we can plan your Kafue safari today! 


A good addition to this itinerary would be a two night mobile in Chobe National Park.