We specialize in private, tailor made safaris, we also offer some safari special packages and these may offer some inspiration for you whilst you are thinking about what you would like to experience... or perhaps you have dreamt of safari for a long time and you have the ideas in mind of what you would like to do... either way, we can design your ideal, tailor made, mobile safari. 

Whether you are a solo traveler, couple, family, friends or on honeymoon, there is a safari for everyone! 

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Is this your first safari?

Do you have a particular list of birds you wish to see?

Are you a seasoned safari goer looking for your next unforgettable trip?

Looking to book a honeymoon?

Would you love to see the big cats?

Dream of an elephant sighting?

Sunsets in the most remarkable locations? 

What does your ideal safari entail? Contact us today to start planning!

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